Barefoot Pampering

Barefoot walks became a morning routine a couple weeks ago.
Despite growing up romping around farm fields shoe-less, these past two weeks have revealed just how conformed my feet became to the constriction of shoes. Walking barefoot through forest and on pebble-laden beaches commands my attention in an new way.
I slip off my synthetic soles to be soothed by damp, cool earth.
Ahhh, like a deep, slow exhale.
I notice every pebble or twig beneath me. I have to be aware and place each step with care. I’m fully engaged in walking, and feel significantly more attuned to my environment.
This feels right... somehow, how it’s supposed to be.
I tread more softly.
Steps feel less jarring, as I notice the soft, spongy, layered, living forest floor beneath me.
It feels delicious.
And sometimes uncomfortable, as my shoe-trained feet strengthen and learn a new way.
I notice walking barefoot commands me to place weight into the ball, the big toe, of my foot, rather than the heel and the sides. This naturally straightens my spine. I stand taller, aligned with my body, soft upon the earth. I notice my heart relax slightly. And somehow, it begins to entrain with Her heart.
And I realize, as heart Dr. Thomas Cowan explains, that our hearts are quite possibly a fractal-ic component of a much larger cosmic heart. At least in the sense that opposing electrical charges re-calibrate our bodies, restoring strong, vibrant pulsing closer to the meridian of balance.
What I do know, is that going barefoot feels like a natural, necessary and literal battery re-charge.
It is becoming a favorite part of my day.
And this connection also has me thinking about our hearts:
What does it mean to live from our hearts? How can we connect more to our hearts— and even the idea of a cosmic heart? How does this change our health—individually and as communities?
Share your thoughts in the chat box. I'd love to hear them.
Shine on. ☀️
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