Color Your World

Do you desire to feel more inspired?
Lit up?
Less flat?
On purpose and excited for your day?
More energized?

Is midlife soul-searching leaving you realizing you want to feel connected something more meaningful?
Or maybe you just want to feel free to express yourself more, be yourself, and find out WHO you really are underneath the buzz of life...

Color might be the answer.
Well, one of the answers.
Or rather, a path to reconnecting with yourself, expressing yourself, and lighting up your world.

So, Why Color?

  • Nature is abundant in vibrant color—and color is essentially refracted Source light—the differentiation of and manifestation of Source’s creative expression, or natural art. So, it makes sense that embracing a colorful world is healing and offers a way to re-connect with Source’s vital life force, and with ourselves as an expression of nature.
  • Color can be healing. The vibrations and frequencies (colors) we surround ourselves with impact how we feel, what we resonate with, what we think about and ultimately what we cultivate in our lives (e.g., joy, calm, inspiration, etc.).
  • We can express ourselves through color—and self-expression is liberating, and therefore healing. Have you ever felt like you can’t totally be yourself? Maybe you wanted to wear a certain outfit or try a specific hobby but felt like it would be shamed in your family, your workplace, or your circle of friends, so you shut down and settled to fit in. When we liberate our own expression, we free our body and nervous system to be relaxed and vibrant in the world… and the result is a body-environment that’s easier for your health to thrive in. For me, expressing myself happens through color. Maybe it’s something else for you (writing, singing, adorning your house with flowers and art), but whatever it is, I invite you to explore: Does hiding your true expression impact your health, and does freeing your expression contribute to your health?
  • Color is diversity—the entire spectrum! Not just black and white. And diversity is nature’s hallmark of health and thriving: Diverse ecosystems are more resilient, a diverse diet is generally considered more nutritionally balanced, and inclusive, diverse groups of people thrive from the contributions of multiple perspectives. 


One of the most fun parts of sharing colorful art, for me, is the connection that’s built and the conversation that happens. I come alive getting to hear the impact of creativity, color, and expression on my clients’ lives, and I would absolutely love to hear your experience with it all.
Art is healing when it’s integrated into our daily lives. This is why it’s so important to me to make art approachable, fun and engaging through mediums like wearable art, and fun shows that offer something a little different each time. Art shows also give you the chance to connect with others and explore the power of creativity in your own life. 

Does color play a role in your life?

Do you feel like you’re fully open to expressing yourself in life, or do you desire to feel more “free”?

Join the conversation. I'd love to hear.
And, delight your eyes in color here.
Shine on,


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