Learning to Heal from Birdsong

Did you know that birds’ songs in spring don’t just serve their own communication? The vibrational frequencies of birdsong actually help tree buds open and flowers bloom (according to research reported by botanist Stephen Harrod Buhner).
Nature’s dynamic symphony literally serenades spring into existence.
This is but one of a cacophony of examples… of frequency and vibration impacting the process of life.
Similarly, BEing creative, and creating, have frequency and impact.
Do you have a creative practice that’s alive and well or buried on a back shelf behind “responsibilities” of adulthood?
Often if we don’t set aside time for ourselves, it’s because we’re thinking of all the “important” things we “should” do first—maybe even to care for others first.
Consider this: What if play and being creative are literally some of the most important, vital and healing things you can do for yourself—AND the planet? (And not just in an esoteric way.)
What if scientific evidence indicated that when we experience joy, pleasure, ecstasy, and BEing creative, it doesn’t just better the world by making us “feel good,” but that our BEing CREATIVE actually…
· improves our cellular metabolic function?
· helps neutralize the impact of harmful electro-smog on immunity?
· nurtures healthier forests and gardens?
· minimizes the physical impacts of stress on our bodies?
Well, according to BioGeometry research (a fascinating field you’ll be hearing more from me about), it does.
I know, it might sound a little far out. Let me explain the super simple version.
Everything truly is energy—and by “energy” I mean electromagnetic frequency or wavelength; atoms and electrical charges moving in certain patterns and with certain qualities and vibrations. Everything is a form of this wavelength: color, sound, light, and the measurable electrical impulses of our thoughts and emotions.
These wavelengths are expressed in infinite octaves, of which a very small spectrum is perceivable to our senses.
And wavelengths naturally impact their surrounding environment through what we call resonance.
For instance:
· A plucked guitar string causes surrounding strings to subtly resonate as well.1
· We can feel negative thoughts and emotions, or the presence of a depressed “mood,” when we enter a room. We might call it a “bad vibe.” In this case, our heart’s intelligence is picking up a certain electromagnetic frequency from others’ emotions.
· A prolonged absence of sunlight’s wavelengths impacts some individuals with SAD.
· Extensive exposure to radiation waves damages the structure of cellular cytoplasm and increase the risk of metastases.1
These are simple examples that truly deserve entire discussions. But they demonstrate the idea that everything is wavelength interacting.
This means that our thoughts, behaviors, and the colors and shapes we entertain or surround ourselves with impact our body’s environment—and the environment around us—in the same way a pebble dropped in water creates ripples.
But we don’t always easily perceive those ripples due to our limited sensory perception. We only see the ROYGBIV spectrum. We only hear 10 octaves. But the other wavelengths are there, and they impact us—including thoughts, WIFI carrier waves, colors, subtle wavelengths of different shapes, and more.
If this seems challenging to imagine or like a far jump, that’s ok. The research is fascinating, complex, and difficult to divulge in a mere email. But there’s more, and the key is:
The implications of realizing creativity, sound and color frequency impact health are enormous for our vitality and our planet’s restoration of ecological balance.
I invite you to learn more and keep exploring how you can use shape and color frequencies in your creative practice to support healing, through our art classes.
If this fascinates your curiosity, I invite you to delight in the excerpt from Ibrahim Karim’s publication below that inspired these thoughts.
And, if you take away just one thing, it’s this:
Instead of “should-ing” yourself out of taking that art class you’ve always wanted to take, try allowing the thing that brings enjoyment into your life take priority, as a healing gift to yourself.
You BEing you, and in your creative joy is key to the miracle of healing we are creating on this planet.
Keep shining, keep creating,
Excerpt from Back to a Future for Mankind: BioGeometry Solutions to the Environmental Crisis by Ibrahim Karim (pp. 166-177):
“There is a harmonic, resonant relationship between all the different ranges and dimensions of the universe; meaning that the energy functions [qualitative attributes of wavelength frequencies] outside of us have their counterparts on another scale inside of us… this means that, as the energy functions within us have their counterparts outside of us in a more abstract form, the biological functions of our organs work in harmonic relationship on a much wider universal scale. [In this way] we can say that every biological function is affected by what goes on at the furthest part of the universe. It is all one symphony.
“We cannot invent new powers [laws of nature] for the body, totally separate from the powers of nature outside… these powers of nature in our subtle energy system support the functions of our biological system…
“In our research in BioGeometry we have found that any thoughts based on [maleficence, ill-intent, deceit or fear] actually produce harmful radiation from our bodies that affect the vicinity around us as much as electro-smog does. This radiation can be detected as a harmful vertical, electric Negative Green wave subtle energy quality. Deceit, whether political, social, religious or other in form; whether in advertisements, [conversations or news broadcasts]… collectively lowers the immunity of a whole nation.”
1. Cowan, T. (2019). Cancer and the new biology of water. Chelsea Green Publishing.
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