The Problem with Predictions

Do you find predictions comforting or stressful?  
"We have to cancel since it's going to rain tomorrow." “There’s going to be at least_____ fatalities by _____.” “Statistics say that by 2025, _____ ." Astrology. Economics. Religious and spiritual beliefs. Scientific speculation. These are all useful frameworks, with threads of truth. But the problem is, sometimes we place so much trust in one particular vein of thought, that we forget a fundamental aspect of what actually influences future outcomes: US. That’s right: Ourselves. We are creative beings. The thoughts we have effect emotions.  Our emotions influence our physiology and health. Our health influences our capacity. Our thoughts and beliefs also influence our actions. And our actions influence outcomes. I believe it is critical—especially amidst highly challenging global times—that during our quest for assurance, safety, and prediction, we not forget the most powerful assurance tool we have access to: Our innate capacity to create the world around us—individually and collectively. There are many external circumstances we can’t control.  But we can choose our responses, and we can choose what we contribute to creating. We can choose things like: What we think about. What kinds of news we ingest. Who we spend our time with. I can’t control most of what’s happening in the world, but I can choose to influence my immediate surroundings. And when we all make little conscious choices, bigger outcomes are impacted. Here’s some choice --> potential outcome examples:
Painting instead of doomscrolling --> less stress and improved health.
Growing your favorite veggies next year in the garden --> making fewer trips to the store.
Spending an hour on the phone with someone you feel inspired instead of dragged down by --> a new solution idea to a difficult situation.
Creating things like art, gardens, and human heart-centered connections feels energizing to me in a way that infuses my life with meaning and purpose. Most importantly, practicing my creative abilities reminds me that I have an impact on the world I’m creating. This feels relieving and empowering. If the world, the news, or simply, life, is feeling overwhelming, uncertain, or scary, I encourage you to just be curious: How would it feel to explore your creativity potential? Would it feel new and exciting? Foreign and scary? Perhaps empowering?  The world we are waking up to each morning is the result of our collective, everyday choices and creative capacities. What kind of reality do you want to create?
If you want to feel more empowered instead of helpless amidst our world, I invite you to join us in creative exploration. Our goal is to move from a state of stressful predicting in our minds, to a state of natural creativity and calm in our hearts.
To our natural human autonomy, empowerment, and creativity,
Shine on, ~Chelsea
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