Threshold of Change

Equinox threshold.
Day and night in equilibrium.
Exuberant vital force
Drawing Spring through soil, into the air.
We are as much a part of this as the cotyledons.
Our cells vibrate with the frequencies of spring
Regardless of our conscious realization.
What are we creating?
What are we birthing?
With our imagination.
With our BEing.
With our actions.
Our words.
Let it be realizations
That the most profound change
Begins inside.
Everywhere in nature we look,
Monolithic change begins with
A small crack,
Slight rotation shifting sun’s angle,
Microscopic disintegrations of chlorophyll
Unveiling rainbows.
This can happen inside of us too.
In our minds.
In the way we presence emotions.
People don’t often like to talk about emotions;
In corporations,
In governments,
In bureaucracies.
They seem like child’s play compared to KPIs, bottom lines and profits.
But they are the stuff
That clouds or clears vision.
They are the stuff that inhibits logic and clarity;
Or inspires historical action.
Our ability or lack thereof to learn from them is either the unseen perpetual barrier to peace & proceeds; or a sleeping superpower.
Our ability to look inside informs what we create outside.
(There’s really no separation).
First, it requires a willingness to crack the seed
And look.
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