We Don't Actually Live ON the Earth

We live IN her.
And as much as my imagination wants to live in a little gnome home under the trees, I don’t mean THIS in an imaginary sense. I mean, we are actually living INSIDE the earth organism. The atmosphere is as much a part of the Earth as soil, rivers, and magma. Its interaction with soil, microbes, trees, water, and us—is just as important as those things we consider part of the solid Earth—like water and plants. This is important for us to understand. Because, until we shift our paradigm to knowing we are PART of the Earth, living INSIDE her, our efforts to resolve current crises will remain driven by treating the Earth as a separate entity, and consequently, will be less effective. You see, how we ‘inter-act’ with the earth is how we interact with ourselves. Just as our bodies (and cells synchronized into tissues and organ systems) are a brilliant, full expression of create power, so too are Earth’s synchronized elements an expression of beautiful harmony: Light waves touch the atmosphere and produce heat to warm our bodies. We breathe atmosphere and Earth oxygen helps cleanse our cells. Microbes make nutrients usable to plants and to our bodies. There is no separation between the interaction of soil, sky, water, life. This process of interaction IS life. It IS the force of creativity. It’s common to think of art as “something fun kids do.” Or, for adults, the luxury of making “pretty pictures.” I invite us to expand our definition of art to encompass “the creative expression of life.” Art is a creative PROCESS. And when we engage in it, we are reactivating our creative right-brain perception that goes beyond “fixing” or “healing” through logic alone. When we engage in the process of art we are BEing Creative. We are BEing life; whether painting massive murals, creating rock kerns swept up by waves, or composing delectable flavors—the creative force that delights our senses and energizes our heart is LIFE. When we engage in this process of art, we are interacting with the process of life. We are BEing alive. This is how art is healing. You're invited to experience art with our community. Here's how you can participate:
  • Online events: Purchase a la carte passes or a punch pass at an exceptional price.
  • In-Person Retreats: You'll experience the healing power of nature in the beautiful northwest.
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