What if We Are Closer Than We Think?

What if… despite the enormous planetary healing journey before us… it’s less about arduously laboring and fighting… and more about our capacity to create and embody what we’re creating?
What if it’s actually not about the former, and the miracle we (hopefully) all want, is about tuning the dial to a new frequency; leveraging our technological strengths and harmonizing them with life… and understanding life in a radically new way?
What if it’s about remembering that there’s far more to intelligence than the left brain hemisphere and the scientific, reductionist way of knowing concludes?
For instance, in our efforts to combat climate change and restore environmental harmony, let us consider a critical and most overlooked component: electro smog.
This post is not about impossibly presuming that 8 billion people can give up wireless communication, ride in buggies or reverse time travel to pre-1879.
Technology is astounding and marvelous.
But… and here’s the big BUT: We need to re-adjust the dial to align with the frequencies that support LIFE—not disease.
(Healthy electrical currents in the body are said to range between 5 and 45 Hertz.)
I’m talking about pouring research, discovery and collaboration into identifying and mobilizing new structures, dynamics and forms of carrier wave frequencies.
Mainstream media often references electro smog as harmless to minimal in its impact on environmental and human health.
Based on considerable evidence, I beg to differ. Or shall I say, call BS.
Electro smog one of the most significantly detrimental factors impacting our collective immunity (due in large to its electromagnetic, vibrational wavelength impact on our cellular cytoplasm structure and long-term cellular metabolic function).
(‘Collective immunity’ refers to all species on earth and the earth itself—because the earth is not a collection of separate organisms. If we step back and observe from outside our familiar, limited, perceptual scope, we will see that the entire earth is an organism in a similar manner as our body is an organism—rather than each cell functioning in solidarity. This is not a metaphor but a literal demonstration of the fractal nature of universal, natural energy forces.)
Now more than ever, immunity (vitality) is paramount.
And we need to re-understand what immunity means in the context of vitality and collaborative, physical connection rather than isolation and entropy.
A truly preventive, long term, thriving solution is not going to come from avoiding inter-action with life (life itself), from rushing to develop and distribute newer and higher doses of injectable pharmaceutical prophylactics, or from ventilating hypoxic individuals whose cells may be unable to use atmospheric oxygen likely due to its molecular degradation by carrier waves.
We need to think about healing in terms of the organism we are cells withIN.
Life does not exist in isolation. Not in any sense off the word, contrary to many of our current reductionist models of understanding immunity and making sense of data.
I offer to us that as we necessarily harmonize our behaviors and lifestyles with nature (and remember that we are a part of nature), we consider three key concepts:
1) A healthy planetary future will require us not to discard our devices, but to evolve, adapt and re-align them with carrier waves capable of carrying harmonizing, rather than harmful, frequencies.
2) Our celebration of replacing fossil fuels with electricity is a well-intended effort—but we are failing to recognize it’s ‘invisible’ pollutants.
3) We are living IN the Earth, and we are literally part of the earth. This is not an esoteric, spiritual concept. This is a reality we have forgotten as our species has moved from a right to left brain perceptual mode. For instance, we can probably assume birds (most likely) do not analytically interpret one another’s birdsongs when “conversing.” According to botanist Stephen Harrod Buhner, birds are singing and communicating from the context of being harmonized with instinctual, intuitive and primordial energies. This intelligence is brilliantly orchestrated: The frequency and sound of birdsong actually, literally, aids tree buds in opening. Birds are helping to sing spring into existence. Similarly, when we realize that words, sounds colors, shape—and carrier waves—all off which encompass wavelength—impact our bodies and our surrounding environment—we can begin to understand—and listen—to how we might begin to align our global societies with health.
Some ideas to get curious about:
1) Ultimately, systemic, massive shifts in industry, production and service distribution are needed in order to efficiently effect change. Leaders and organizations might partner with organizations and individuals researching models and methods of harmonizing energy sources with natural frequencies, such as the Vesica Institute of Holistic Studies, the Zach Bush MD Foundation, and the BioGeometry institute, all working to develop technologies designed by, and harmonized with, nature’s templates.
2) Individuals might work to curiously learn and ask questions about how we can harmonize and detoxify our living spaces (Check out the resources in #1).
3) Enjoy restful sleep by unplugging your devices and WIFI, and remembering to breathe calm, deep, nourishing breaths. Get an ethernet cable. Go somewhere in nature where you don’t get a signal, frequently. And most importantly: Sing, move in a way that feels pleasurable, laugh, and create art. These last items, have a more profound vibrational, quantitatively measurable impact on the subtle, vibrational health of our planet and ourselves, than we realize.
And finally, some inspiring words by Ibrahim Karim, 2007:
“We are living inside the Earth and not on it. The Earth’s atmosphere is a part of its vital body, [dynamically interacting through current, gaseous exchange and transport] with the organisms living within it—and in this context, we live deep below the surface of the Earth. The collective levels of emotion, intellect, consciousness and unconsciousness, [which all have measurable wavelength frequencies as do carrier waves, microwaves and radio waves], are actually part of the individual life of the Earth Being. The Earth is a living organism that is currently being poisoned [having its homeostasis altered] by harmful, vertical electromagnetic carrier waves.
“There is also a fact that has not been addressed by modern environmental science: the warming effect of microwaves in the atmosphere contributes to global warming. At the moment, we are only aware off this warming effect of electromagnetic radiation in microwave ovens or in the effect of cell phones on our head. …with the dramatic increase in the carrier waves of the developing Age of Information, we should anticipate this potential threat before it is too late. Only when we master the use of electrical energy in a form that reduces its harmful side effects will it be possible to consider it as a healthy substitute for fossil fuels.”
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