Why is Play so Productive?

Ideally, I'd love to circle up around a beach bonfire with so many of you across the miles,
dance, play,
drum, strum, enjoy some fine food, and really connect.
Find out... How are you doing? Like really?
Are you feeling good and rockin' 2020 despite the madness?
Are you craving a break?
Do you want to just drive away, run away, make it all go away?
Some days, the past 4 months, I just wanted this year to be over.
And many days I actually feel fantastic.
And what I've found interesting is that in the mix of the way the year has unfolded for me personally,
I actually gained time... to play.
Not to get a million more things done (even though I want to).
Not to earn $XXX more per month... (that'd be nice).
But time to sloooow down.
I know "time" has not been the case for everyone.
For some, 2020 has made "time" seem harder to come by-- and play seem farther away.
But I do know it's reminded me of this key ingredient that helps me feel good, grounded and healthy:
And play hasn't been in the form of big road trips or fancy new experiences. (I miss traveling, and I can't wait to get out again).
It's been play in things like:
Lying in the hammock.
Reading a new book.
Sketching (whatever wants to come out on the paper).
Getting ice cream and walking at the river with my sweetie.
Having time to walk the beach in the morning.
These things are medicine to me.
They're as essential as what most of us call "work."
This is why play is so productive when it comes to our healing process, and healing our communities.
I have a hunch that infusing our lives with more MEANING is going to be a key ingredient to healing many of the chronic health issues our world faces... just a thought.
And as with most of the best things, we can't always explain "why" with our rational minds, but play is something that seems to up the "meaning meter" of our lives...
in my own experience, and for many I've observed.
The conversations and observations I've had over the past few months have led me to realize:
That I think sometimes it's easy,
when in global (or any) crisis,
and in our well-intended desire to improve the world,
to fall into thought patterns like:
"Now is not the time to feel good... how could I when there's so much suffering?"
"I couldn't possibly make time to take that trip... do that class... get back into my art... there's more important things to do right now."
"I don't deserve to enjoy myself... there's so many people suffering."
There's a lot of talk about changing the world.
...Can we change our own experience first?
So, while I can't circle around a bonfire with those of you across the miles—yet (I promise, the opportunity will come!),
the next best thing is to connect virtually to make space for play.
I want to create a space where we, I, YOU have thee opportunity to re-connect with fun, play, pleasure,
and with your innate creativity (we all have it).
Because I believe it's one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves, and for the world.
If you'd like to create time for play in your life, it doesn't have to take hours, be costly, or overwhelming.
An hour or two a week can help us feel more calm, clear, and show up in the rest of our lives with more joy.
I welcome you to check out the Head to Heart through Art program, where we'll be making art as a way to play, break from our busy minds, and re-connect with what makes us feel alive.
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