You are Part of the Symphony

The most powerful force capable of moving substance into creation is thought and belief.
A thought, a spark of consciousness is literally electricity that moves the universe.
Therefore our experience, thoughts and feelings are the literal birth-substance of everything within our experience, and of tangible manifestations across the universe… a job, a relationship, a work of art, a garden, an invention… what you eat for dinner, the hormone balance of your cells and the amount of cortisol they must process (or not process)…
This does not discredit our physical world and physical interventions. It merely points to the origin point of ALL that has made it into our physical world.
We are, therefore, as a collective organism, literally capable of anything—IF—we DECIDE, commit and believe… and really believe.
Because Source is infinity, and therefore, if we realize, align and connect with that FLOW, we allow the divine energy of creation to MOVE through our relationships, wealth, health and guide every aspect of our Being and LIFE flow.
It takes more effort to not allow this (to stop the existence of divine life flow) than to allow it.
We will ALL dissolve back into infinity, at some point.
No matter how dark our experiences become, everything will eventually dissolve back into the all-encompassing love-hum of neutrality and infinity.
This is real.
Our cells respond to the electrical wavelengths around us.
Sound waves.
Light waves.
Carrier waves.
EMF waves.
Scalar waves.
Torsion waves.
Micro waves.
Radio waves.
Waves we see.
Waves we hear.
Waves we feel.
Waves we cannot feel (consciously).
Waves we can’t see.
Waves we can’t hear.
We hear 10 octaves (approximately).
But there are more.
And our bodies are influenced every moment by what we cannot perceive with our senses.
This is why it seems esoteric to think that the electrical bath of our thought-waves might influence our physical world.
But it is absolutely why we are instrumental in co-creating our reality—or rather, we are resonating strings within the instrument of the cosmos.
Waves—the qualities of the interactions of atomic charges and particles—are the most powerful force of influence on the state of my body’s physical functioning.
Realizing, this, we can begin to interact with my environment in a more harmonious way;
With shape, color, movement and sound, we can begin to humanize modern technology—the overlooked agent of disease—and yet the exemplification of brilliant evolution.
We are each single elements in a fractal-micro-symphony of the Earth’s INTER-action of life.
When we realize we are physically—energetically—qualitatively—connected to everything in this way, everything becomes important, and delicate, and renowned… and LOVED.
I am in awe of this symphony. I am a PART of it. We all are.
Let us see this miracle that IS.
Let us live our lives in such a way that we see and recognize the how our BEing vibrates everything else we are connected to in resonance; let our movements, words, choices, environments we live in, relationships, breath, and creations be carried out with awareness of the way we touch the vibrating web of the universe in the same way that ripples from one drop spread through a sea.
A miracle is literally, as the musician East Forest says, just a shift in perspective. A shift in thought, and therefore in the nature of electrical impulses, charge and wavelength of that thought, which then tangibly impacts a cascade of creation.
May we be channels of CREATING a resoundingly beautiful existence.
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