You're in a Relationship with Your Environment

Maybe you’ve heard of ‘sacred geometry,’ but what’s BioGeometry?
I’m thrilled to share with you that this summer I completed the BioGeometry Foundation Training offered by BioGeometry Energy Systems Ltd., through the Vesica Institute in June of 2021—my personal knowledge of which will inspire upcoming art and workshops I’ll be bringing you. Essentially, BioGeometry is the study of harmonizing our environment through things like shape and color.
But it gets way more fascinating.
Cozy up for an 8-min read because this new perspective might make you want to totally redesign your living space, understand why you already love it... or at the very least, want to know more.
Let’s take a quick dive into the realm of shape, color, and life:
Ever listened to an organ being played in a vaulted, domed cathedral, as if sound scales the architecture, commanding the awe-striking space?
It seems obvious that it wouldn’t sound the same being played in your garage.
This is a simple example of how shape affects wavelength (in this case acoustics).
The partial-spherical shape of satellite dishes is another.
We don’t often think of the shape of things as being important, and certainly not as impacting our physical bodies or our health.
But let me try to explain this vast and fascinating world briefly and concisely:
A Journey to Infinite Space:
Pretend you have the superpower of shrinking infinitely—as small as you want. You want to see the difference between what “stuff” makes up the leaves on the trees versus the cells in your body… versus the sand on the shore. So you travel around, zero-ing down through the cellular level, through the molecular level, and to the atomic level.
In all the places, you find protons and neutrons, encircled by whirling electrons like planets orbiting a sun. All these atoms have different numbers of each, orbiting at different speeds in different directions.
But what makes up the protons, the neutrons, and electrons? You shrink even smaller, you go even deeper, and to your astonishment, you find space. You try to find something solid you can actually touch, but the smaller you get, the more space you find.
What you find instead is these fields, these charges of energy, moving in different patterns. The negative electrons, the positive protons, and the neutral neutrons all seem to be fields of energy, with different qualities.
Perhaps the protons appear somewhat blue-green. Maybe they feel warm. The neutrons are a pale yellow, and maybe the blue electrons feel cool. But nowhere, can you reach out your hand and find a solid structure.
You zoom back to normal size, seeing everything differently; bewildered that everything that seems solid—like the table, the plant, your hand—isn’t actually ‘solid.’ It’s all just composed of rapidly moving electromagnetic charges with different qualities… some more erratic, some in stationary patterns. The deeper you go, the less ‘solid’ things seem, and the more infinite space you find…
What does this mean for us?
Shape: Patterns that Give Function to Energy:
These patterns of electromagnetic energy movement create shape. And interestingly, the shape of something informs its function just like:
  • The shape of a satellite dish makes it function to interact optimally with radio waves.
  • The shape and material of acoustic panels interact with sound waves.
  • The molecular-electromagnetic structure of trillions of water droplets in clouds interacts with the electromagnetic light waves from the sun to create the color spectrum lightwaves (an ‘octave’ of which is visible to our eyes).
The material, and the shape of all things, therefore, interact with the environment. And so the woo-hoo saying, “everything is energy,” becomes quite clear and apparent.
Everything is wavelength. Frequency. Vibration.
The infinite spectrum of wavelength--from torsion to scalar to electric to magnetic to light and beyond--is all a manifestation of different expressions and waves of the energetic spectrum; all of which have different electromagnetic qualities. These qualities of the same frequency manifest in different ways such as through color, sound, and shape, etc.
The cosmos, at a core level, is electromagnetic. (To learn more about this take on qualitative physics check out “Back to a Future for Mankind” by Ibrahim Karim).
Life and the force of levity are electromagnetic.
We are electromagnetic beings and the frequency of electromagnetic wavelengths that ‘powers’ our bodies are, not coincidentally, in close resonance with the Earth’s Schumann wave electromagnetic frequency.
So clearly, our environment, including the shapes in our environment, influences us in subtle and profound ways—whether or not we have sense organs to perceive those influences.
(For example, we don’t yet have personal sense organs for infrared or ultraviolet—but these wavelengths of the electromagnetic, lightwave, vibrational spectrum still exist. We’re developing sense organs such as what many call ‘intuition,’ which I might argue is a sense that allows our nervous system to perceive thoughts broadcast through the field likened to the way radio antennas perceive broadcast signals).
...So what does all this mean for our lives and why does it even matter?
‘ARTsifying’ Your Life is Even More Important than We Thought:
If we know that subtle electromagnetic frequencies of our environment (shape, color (light), and sound) interact with the electromagnetic frequencies of our bodies, we know that our environment impacts our health, and how we feel… in more subtle ways than we may have thought. The effect of art as colors, shapes, forms, light, and even ‘Feng Shui,’ on space, becomes more concrete and less esoteric.
For instance, we can see this dynamic influence happening when:
  • We ‘feel better’ after the sun comes out (individuals are affected differently because peoples’ subtle electromagnetic bodies are different).
  • We walk into a room and feel our mood drop or rise depending upon the vibe (thought qualities are electromagnetic waves perceived by our CNS and cardiac cells similar to radio waves picked up by an antenna).
  • We have trouble keeping our mental focus in a cluttered space, or drab, dusty room.
When we begin to see how our interaction with our environment impacts our internal experience, it becomes clear that art is so much more than fun and play.
Just as life is the byproduct of creativity, art--as a creative process--is a life-promoting force of healing.
And, because the process of creating art can be fun and ecstatic (and because states of ecstasy promote healing), the creative experience is healing.
Said simply, playing with shape, color, sound, motion through practices like dance and painting IS healing medicine because it can bring us into electromagnetic resonance with the subtle frequencies that bring harmony to life processes.
On a subtle level, when we make art, and when we create living spaces for ourselves that are designed in visually pleasing ways (and you’ll learn more about specifics of this in our upcoming class offerings), we are literally helping to influence and create things like:
  • The state of our cellular metabolic processes.
  • The activation of our parasympathetic v. sympathetic nervous system (which influences cellular metabolic processes).
  • The structure of the water we consume (scientists like Gerald Pollack have researched what appears to be the fourth phase of water in addition to its solid, liquid, and gas state. This fourth phase has a different electromagnetic charge that when composing our cellular cytoplasm makes it optimal for facilitating cellular metabolism and cellular communication (basically many of our essential physiological, immunological, and energy-production processes that allow us to thrive)).
If you’ve made it this far, my gratitude, and I hope you’ve been inspired to see the world a little differently.
If this is exciting to you, I invite you to join us in claiming your creative power to bring harmony to your life; to live up to your creative potential. And ultimately, to create your world.
Shine on,
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