Collection: Vibrant Oils on Canvas

Invest in one-of-a-kind fine art created to light up your soul, spark connection with your guests, and bathe you in inspiration. Chelsea's originals are hand-painted with oil on gallery-wrap canvas for a finished, modern look whether you decide to frame your painting or keep it clean and simple. Geometric shapes and designs are inspired by Chelsea's personal knowledge of, and training in, the field of BioGeometry (an Egyptian-based science of environmental harmonizing). The colors Chelsea uses are intended to activate frequencies of life force energy in your home and office, so you can feel connected to your most energized, true self.

These pieces are created to inspire us to feel, remember and know that we are part of an intimate, marvelous web. Whether gazing at a distant star or holding the hand of a loved one, may these visuals, colors and frequencies cultivate a knowing in you, that you can always connect with joy and love, and that you are an integral part of an infinite, beautiful universe! 

Vibrant Oils on Canvas