Our Story

First grown in the desert prairie of northern Colorado under endless blue ribbons of skyway, Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts now springs to life beneath the canopy of Sitka in the majesty of the Pacific Northwest, nourished by the wild Salish Sea.  

We first took root in 2013 and 2014 as the Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts Festival, a place to blend artistic immersion with healing and the land.  The festival stemmed from a desire to connect humans across cultures, ages, and professions to harness the power of community through creative exploration.

Since then, Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts has evolved into a yummy array of more intimate offerings: Pamper Retreats, New Moon Gatherings, Body Art, Paint Play, Northwest Inspired Art (gnome houses!), and so much more . . .  

But the intention remains the same:

  • To create catalysts for people to experience liberation, art, and meaningful connection.
  • To help people slow down instead of rev up so the mind can open up into the realm of possibility.
  • To offer space for deep rejuvenation, a place where ideas bloom wild and free.


Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts, then, is both a community and a concept.

It’s an expanding vision that encourages connection and healing between humans and the Earth through unlimited creative exploration.

It’s a playful entity rooted in the bewildering beauty and mind-blowing potential of human imagination.

It’s an irrationally idealistic confidence in seemingly small acts of love to usher in miracles. For to the degree the world is breaking, we know it is also awakening. Despite the severely broken state of humanity, a new world is quietly and surely being born anew.

This is what makes our soul tick. This is what makes us Rise ‘n’ Shine each morning.

What about you?

What We Value

Delectable, home-grown culinary creations.
Play, fun, and spontaneity
Reconnecting with our roots

We Believe . . .

  • Nature is the ultimate artist. And since we all come from nature, we are—each of us—works of art.
  • All humans desire freedom of expression and permission to create without limitation and the ways in which we express ourselves are truly endless.
  • Creativity connects us all, one to another and to this precious Earth we share.
  • Authentic connection cultivates positive communication that touches lives and changes the world.
  • Our innate creativity is our humanity. It is the most powerful healing tool we have access to.
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Chelsea, founder of Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts, is currently based in the Pacific Northwest outside of Seattle. She enjoys painting, long beach and forest walks, gardening, culinary magic, exploring the intriguing inner mind and expansive natural world. Chelsea, her wife Cara, and her Blue Heeler Bubba Blue, moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2017 from Fort Collins, CO. Her passion and purpose is rooted in helping others experience personal freedom by tapping into the innate nectar that makes us human: liberating, medicinal, primal creativity.

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Cara is an artist of many mediums. She is also an Intuitive Coach, healer, and medium who guides people to step into self-empowerment, clarity, and connection with their soul’s truth. Cara enjoys dance, drinking in the sea’s luscious magnificence, creating flower mandalas, empowering children to speak their truth and building authentic connections with others. As Chelsea’s wife and partner in exploring wild creativity, Cara is a flaming inspiration behind Rise ‘n’ Shine Arts’ vision. Connect with Cara at spiritspeaksintuitive@gmail.com to learn more about her intuitive coaching and reading sessions.


Elisa Weiss is an eco-feminist, west-coast based artist and nature-loving explorer who shares her passions of yoga, plant medicine, surfing and photography while working to build a thriving, globally-conscious community. Her project, “She of Salt,” empowers women to find freedom and strength through surfing and ocean-play. Elisa is passionate about helping women find their health via creativity and connection to nature through wild food and herbal healing. All food and portrait photos featured on this site are credit to Elisa. @she.of.salt.

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