Chelsea's Story

My work is intended to help us find freedom and healing through connection with nature and our innate, vital creativity.

Hello! I’m Chelsea.

I love creating energy-infused paintings for spiritual, high-achieving professionals, so they can feel reconnected to their true expression, and the medicine of the Earth... even when they’re inside.

A Little About What I Create and Why

Art is extremely personal, and we all have different styles and colors we are drawn to, which is one reason I enjoy working in a variety of styles like playful watercolors, whimsical oils on wood, and creating custom commissions, along with the custom pet portraits I offer. 

Most recently, I’ve been creating with oil paints on burled, live edge wood pieces. In addition to being infused with intentions of magic, calm, and mystery, these etherial paintings literally carry Earth frequencies of the beautiful, naturally-finished wood they’re painted on. From owls taking flight to women laughing in delight, these new works are inspired by my deep desire to help us remember that we are intimately, a part of this beautiful Earth-organism we live within

The small acrylics on square canvases and playful, vibrant watercolors I’ve been creating are also intended to reconnect us with the diverse beauty of Earth’s landscapes – and considering we are a part of nature and the Earth – to reconnect us with our inner landscape: our emotions, dreams and desires.

Similarly, the larger oils on canvas I paint are often created through a ‘dance’ with the paint and canvas, in which I move to music, feel emotions, and allow the paint and brush to guide the underpainting before adding details and geometric forms over top. These larger paintings are also intended to re-connect us with Earth’s captivating vibrancy so we can feel calm, energized and inspired in the spaces we spend the most time.



I believe that when we remember that we are part of creative nature, we access our potential as powerful co-creators.


Many of us have forgotten that we are, as humans, nature ourselves.

As Alan Watts declares,

"Earth is not infested with living organisms any more than our bones are infested with cells. We are a symptom of a creative universe. The Earth grows people."

By reclaiming our creative power, confidence, and re-connecting with nature's creative Source energy – through the art we surround ourselves with and the way we express ourselves in our lives – we can bridge divides and leverage our ideas into world-changing experiences and inventions.


For me, this knowing that we are part of nature's creativity began early.

Annual trips to the States' southwest deserts, mountain backpacking trips, and afternoons spent tending farm fields cultivated in me, a necessary connection with nature in all of her vast, diverse presentations. I was captivated by the palette of sensations the Earth in all her creations offered: The scent of sweet spring prairie grass; refreshing saltwater surf combing your hair; the taste of sun-kissed tomatoes on a hot August day; and the grandeur of orange sunsets over Utah cliffs. 

Being present and absorbing nature's sensations became enlivening, inspiring, and felt necessary for me. Being in nature became my battery charge. Not only did I want to just absorb nature, but I wanted to express it with her. I began drawing and painting as soon as I could hold a crayon. Playing with colors and textures became a way of creating my world; channeling my imagination into expression. And nature was my greatest inspiration for this.

Art as Medicine 

Cultivating this practice of self-expression through art, through my life, became my most impactful medicine. Connecting with nature and creating with paint, culinary art, and plants in the garden continue to be a practice that drops me from my analytical mind into my heart so that I can allow nature's creative magic and the life forces of levity to flow through my work.

Since, my vision and purpose have been fueled by the desire to create a more empowered, free, expressive, vibrant, connected world.


Training and Influence

My personal knowledge of and Foundation Training in BioGeometry inspires my work and classes with an understanding that we are in constant interaction with the colors, shapes, sounds, and sensory experiences of our environment. This is a key reason creating art can be a profoundly life-changing, healing tool.

Rise 'n' Shine Arts began as a collaborative arts festival in 2014, hosted on magical Grant Family Farms, in Wellington Colorado. After years of creating custom murals, paintings, and illustrations for clients, I launched Rise 'n' Shine Arts' online classes in 2020 as a way to connect more individuals to each other, nature, and their own creative power to transform their lives.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, focus in classical oil painting, Western State University, 2008.

  • BioGeometry Foundation Training, BioGeometry Energy Systems, Ltd., Cairo, Egypt. (including personal knowledge training of energy quality balancing and measurement, and BioSignatures and design principles).

Related Professional Experience:

  • Freelance copywriting since 2017, helping creative business owners express and communicate their purpose and passion to ideal audiences.

  • Co-manager and coordinator of family-owned farming businesses in northern colorado, 2008-2014.

With homegrown roots in Colorado, and four sweet years spent living in and cultivating a connection to the Pacific Northwest, my wife and I, and our dog Bubba Blue are currently in Fort Collins, CO.


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